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Wound-Gard for Dogs and Cats


Product Description

Wound-Gard is an antiseptic spray that helps prevent infection and discourages pets from licking or chewing at wounds.

Wound-Gard can be sprayed on open superficial wounds, abrasions, sutures and cuts to reduce infection risk and stop your pet from self-traumatising. Our pets often have a habit of licking things they shouldn’t. This includes their bottoms and any wounds they have. While a little bit of licking doesn’t always hurt, oftentimes infection is introduced from the mouth (and bottom!) and transferred onto that healing wound. And all that licking can cause significant trauma and delay healing. The mild local anaesthetic in Wound-gard helps to discourage chewing and licking,  while the strong bittering agent acts as another deterrent. Much better than wearing a silly lamp-shade on your head. Even the most determined licker, is no match for Wound-Gard. To apply, simply shake and spray onto affected area 3 times daily. Approximatley 3-4 pumps should be used per 2cm length of wound. The active ingredients in Wound-gard are chlorhexidine gluconate, phenoxyethanol, menthol, denatronium benzoate and eucalyptus oil.

Why Should I Choose Wound-Gard?

  • Contains local anaesthetic to reduce pain.
  • Antiseptic ingredients to reduce infection.
  • Bittering agent to discourage self-trauma.
  • Great for post-surgical patients to avoid the use of an Elizabethan collar.

Why Would I Need Something Else?

  • Should not be used near the eyes or mouth.
  • Extensive wounds need veterinary attention.

What Else Do I Need?

If your dog spends time outside, consider using Buzz Off to reduce the chance of flies being attracted to open wounds.

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