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Tick Twister Blister Pack for Dogs & Cats


Product Description

When ticks are firmly attached to your pet the Tick Twister will help you quickly and safely remove the entire tick without leaving parts of the tick in the skin.

The Tick Twister tick remover is simple to use, simply slide the forked end along your pet’s skin until the tick is caught between the two prongs, then gently twist 2-3 times until the tick releases from the skin. Ticks have jagged mouthparts that hook into your pet’s skin, so the twisting motion helps to gently unhook these barbs and remove them without leaving the mouthparts of the tick in your pet. Ticks cause anaemia, transmit disease and some species along the east coast of Australia can cause tick paralysis. No tick preventative is 100% effective, so it is essential to tick search your pet daily in tick areas even if you use a tick product. Once you have removed the tick, you can place it safely into a sealed container for identification by a veterinarian if you have any concern that it may be a paralysis tick.

Why Should I Choose The Tick Twister?

  • For pets that live in tick areas, even if on a tick preventative
  • For pet owners that need a safe, effective way tick remover, including the mouthparts

What else do I need?

If your looking to stop paralysis ticks in their tracks, consider using fortnightly Frontline Plus or Advantix on your dog during peak tick season (and monthly year round). Alternatively, Frontline Spray can be used every 3 weeks on both cats and dogs to provide effective tick prevention.

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