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Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Canine Anallergenic


Product Description

Royal Canin Anallergenic has been developed to help manage your dog’s adverse food reactions. All prescription diets should be used under the direction of a veterinarian to ensure you are selecting the correct diet for your pet’s condition.

What Conditions Does Royal Canin Anallergenic Treat?

  • Ideal for pets with diet-responsive skin disease when used under the direction of a vet.
  • Great for pets with food allergies and intolerances where other diets changes have failed.

Features and Benefits

  • Formulated with hydrolysed feather protein as the protein source.
  • Additional DNA testing on the finished food to ensure no protein contamination.
  • Digestive support using prebiotics and zeolite.
  • Restores skin barrier through the use of amino acids and B-vitamins.
  • Palatability enhancer to ensure your pet loves the taste.

Why Royal Canin Anallergenic?

This unique formulation is based on sound scientific research into the nutritional needs of pets with food allegies disease. Food allergies in pets can result in gastrointestinal signs such as vomiting, diarrhoea or weight loss, but can also manifest in the skin. For owners of dogs with allergies it can be frustrating when a food trial does not assist. Food trials can fail due to a number of reasons, but in some cases it is simply due to the allergen being present in the food, albeit often in small amounts. Royal Canin Anallergenic aims to avoid any cross-contamination with potential allegens by testing each batch via DNA analysis to look for protein sources that could trigger your dog’s allergy. Pets with allergies often have chronic irritation and inflammation in their digestive tract, so Anallergenic contains zeolite and preboitics to help stablise and nourish the gut flora. The patented skin barrier formulation in Anallergenic restores moisture and protects the skin, reducing the risk of a flare-up of your dog’s skin allergy.

Quality and Safety

Royal Canin understands the nutritional needs of pets during their different life stages and illnesses. All diets are nutritionally formulated and based on scientific research to establish benefits for key ingredients. All raw ingredients are tested for contaminants such as Salmonella, melamine and mycotoxins, to ensure quality and safety. Here at Love That Pet we provide pet lovers and your pets with Amazing Care solutions, Astounding Value pet supplies and truly Awesome Service each and every day. Buy online with confidence knowing that we strive every day to deliver you the best price and value combined with the best nutritional advice.

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