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Revolution Blue for Cats (2.6-7.5kg)


Product Description

Revolution Blue for Cats (2.6-7.5kg) is a broad spectrum intestinal wormer, heartwormer, flea, lice and mite medication applied monthly as a top spot for cats.

For those cats that are impossible to treat for worms with messy pastes or tricky tablets, Revolution is a simple solution. Just part the hair on the back of the neck and empty the tube directly onto the skin. The active ingredients kill roundworms, whipworms and hookworms, prevent heartworm disease and kill fleas, lice and mites in cats. Revolution is safe to use from 6 weeks of age, earlier than most top-spot flea medications. Unlike some other more toxic chemicals used for parasite protection, Revolution is not a scheduled poison and contains a unique non-toxic ingredient which is safe for cats, dogs and people. Revolution for cats is a monthly treatment. Forget about hard-to remember 3 monthly worming schedules, simply treat your pet at the start of each month and relax, knowing you have them covered. If you forget to treat your pet, simply treat them when you remember. The safety profile of Revolution means it would be exceedingly difficult to overdose your pet if you use the correct size dose for your pet. It is also safe to use on rabbits for ear mites, sarcoptic mange, fleas and Cheyletiellosis from 8 weeks. Use the puppy and kitten formulation for small rabbits. Do you have more than one cat? Are they different sizes? Don't stress, we carry the complete Revolution range for cats. From very small kittens to large cats, we've got your feline friends worming and parasite prevention needs covered.

Why Should I Choose Revolution Blue for Cats?

  • Revolution is great for cats that are difficult to medicate with tablets
  • Revolution covers ear mites, a common reason for itchy ears in cats
  • Revolution for cats also covers intestinal worms, including heartworm, which we now know can cause sudden death in cats
  • Revolution breaks the flea life-cycle and kills adult fleas, flea eggs and flea larvae
  • Revolution is also registered for use in rabbits

When Should I Use Something Else?

  • Revolution does not cover ticks, you will need to use Frontline spray to protect your cat from ticks or alternatively tick search daily if you live in a tick area

What else do I need?

Revolution for cats, like the other broad spectrum parasite top spots for cats, does not cover tapeworm. If your pet is at risk of tapeworm (due to hunting, eating raw meat or getting frequent flea infestations), please use a separate tapewormer every 3 months. Tapeworm is not fatal, but can cause weight loss and diarrhoea in cats. Revolution also does not kill ticks, such as the fatal paralysis ticks. Cats are more resistant to paralysis ticks than dogs and due to their grooming behaviour will usually get rid of ticks before they cause a problem. If you do live in a tick area you will need to check your cat daily for ticks or use another tick preventative product, just in case.

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